Tiles are extremely hardwearing and provide a classic or contemporary finish to any space. Combining aesthetic appeal with durability selecting porcelain or ceramic tiles for your kitchen, bathroom or patio project is a great idea.

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Choosing Wall & Floor Tiles For Your Home?

The use of wall & floor tiles as a decorative covering has been around for centuries. But there has never been a better time to use ceramic & porcelain tiles than now from kitchens to bathrooms and outdoor patios ceramic & porcelain tiles can be used to create stunning rooms that will last many years. Innovation in manufacturing technology means the choice available is almost infinite, the detail with the finish and design has never been better so much so it is often difficult to distinquish between tile & natural stone.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Tiles In Your Home?

Tiles are extremely hardwearing and provide a classic or contemporary finish to any space, they are easy to clean and remarkably easy to install. With infinite choice, size and design options.

What Is The Difference Between Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles?

The main difference between ceramic & porcelain tiles is a combination of raw material composition, firing and water absorbtion. Ceramic tiles are a great choice for internal walls & floors they are very hardwearing but easier to cut than porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles are very durable & hardwearing, fired at a higher temperature and this provides a vitrification process. Therefore porcelain tiles have almost zero water absorption making them frost proof, UV, stain & acid resistant and perfect for internal & external use*.

Where Can I Use Tiles In My Home?

Ceramic tiles can be used in almost all internal spaces from kitchen walls to bathroom floors and everything in between they are a superb material for modernising and updating internal spaces.

Porcelain tiles can again be used as wall tiles & floor tiles throughout the home. But porcelain can also be used externally for example on exterior walls or outdoor patios. You should only use porcelain tiles when considering outdoor spaces, ceramic tiles are not suitable to use externally.

When considering porcelain tiles for a external patio these products should be anti slip (PTV 36+)

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