Using garden paving tiles to create your perfect entertaining spaces has become very popular in recent times. This hardwearing paving material is perfect to create a stunning maintenance free space that wont stain, is anti slip and resistant to the elements.

Why Use Outdoor Tiles In Your Garden? 12

Outdoor Porcelain Slabs

Why Use Outdoor Tiles In Your Garden? 13

Anti Slip Garden Paving

What Are Outdoor Tiles?

Outdoor tiles or porcelain paving is a vitrified product made from high quality organic materials. Porcelain paving has a 20mm thickness, where floor tiles and wall tiles often have a thickness of around 10mm.

Benefits Of Outdoor Tiles?

Outdoor porcelain tiles are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures from sever frosts to the blistering heat one of the benefits of porcelain paving is that it has almost zero water absorbtion. Porcelain patio paving is also acid, stain and UV resistant and can withstand both high and low temperatures as well as heavy loads.

Are Outdoor Pavers Anti Slip?

Yes! Outdoor porcelain patio paving is anti -slip here at tile store direct we rigorously test our patio tiles and we only offer paving that exceeds R11 or PTV 36+ so you can rest assured you are receiving exceptional products with superb value.

How Do I Maintain Them?

One of the major benefits of porcelain paving is that they require minimal maintenance other that a general sweep and occasionally a quick wash to remove any general debris. Porcelain tiles used outside do not require sealing like natural stone and unlike natural stone they are simple to clean and stain and acid resistant.

Are Patio Tiles Easy To Install?

Yes patio tiles are simple to install and you can install them via a number of installation methods. Generally outdoor tiles are installed in a similar way to natural stone but can be installed on a solid base just like a traditional floor tile or via pedestals. We have lots of hand hints and tips available when installing porcelain slabs please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Do I Have To Use 20mm thick Tiles Outside?

No! You do not have to use 20mm thick porcelain outside you can use 10mm + but this also limits the method of installation as tiles with a thickness of less than 20mm should only be fixed onto a fully cured concrete base.

Where Can I Use Porcelain Paving In My Home?

Indoors, outdoors, patios, swimming pools, driveway, pathway, terraces, balconies, residential gardens, commercial areas, garage floor and much much more…………………….

Are Porcelain Tiles Expensive?

Porcelain patio tiles are exceptional value for money from Tile Store Direct, porcelain paving is the best value outdoor flooring you can purchase not just because of cost but because of all the benefits associated with porcelain tiles which make it a superb all round paving solution that will last for many years to come.

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