Why Choose Porcelain Paving For Your Garden Project?

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20mm Porcelain Paving

Porcelain Tiles with a thickness of 20mm guarantee a high resistance to stress and loads. They are Frost-proof, resistant to chemicals and atmospheric agents, easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for residential and commercial outdoor spaces and colour match your internal tiles.

The major benefits of porcelain paving are as follows:

1. Strength

20mm Porcelain has revolutionised the use of porcelain for outdoor flooring – from residential outdoor living areas to large commercial areas that are subjected to very heavy pedestrian foot traffic, porcelain can handle just about anything with multiple install options available to suit all installation demands

2. Easy to Maintain

High porosity leads to dirt and staining. Our porcelain tile and paving products have a porosity level of almost zero. This means no sealer* – and, therefore, minimal maintenance – is required. Our paving slabs and tiles do not stain because they do not allow moisture into the material, so all that’s required is a wash with warm soapy water once a year to remove any debris and organic matter (grass, soil, leaves, etc.) from the surface. If used indoors, your porcelain tiles should be mopped over on a weekly basis to keep them pristine. For stubborn dirt both organic and non organic a number of product are now available please see below File range of products.

2. Indistinguishable from Natural Stone

The latest advances in porcelain manufacturing techniques have enabled the production of porcelain materials that are indistinguishable from natural stone. This technology allows us to emulate the characteristics of natural stone (colour shading, veining, etc.) but with none of the drawbacks or maintenance requirements. The high-quality reproduction is converted into numerous variations of each design to avoid the repetition that’s commonly seen in standard ceramic tiles.

3. Unrivalled Quality and Aesthetic Beauty

The materials used to create our porcelain products are of an exceptionally high quality, with an aesthetic beauty that’s indistinguishable from natural stone.

5. Slip Resistant

Our porcelain tiles are all anti slip (Min R11).

6. Fade Resistant

Porcelain materials resist colour fade caused by UV. As all the raw materials are fired at at 1200°C, it is not affected by the sun’s UV or normal weathering and the colour will resist fading.

7. Stain Resistant

Because our porcelain paving is virtually non-porous, all spillages remain on the surface and do not soak into the product. All spillages can simply be mopped up, leaving no visible staining.

9. Frostproof

Porcelain is highly frost resistant. Porcelain can tolerate sub zero temperatures, and this important quality makes it an ideal solution for external applications such as patios, swimming pools and hard landscaping in cold climates.

You also have the versatility of several fixing methods on the outside area meaning there is now no reason not to install the beautiful looking ranges available in 20mm porcelain.