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Our outdoor porcelain tiles are available in a variety of finishes and whilst it is never possible to 100% remove the risk of slipping on any product. Our products not only meet the minimum requirements but exceed them.

There are also some other considerations to take into account when choosing your external porcelain pavers.

You will see R ratings on external porcelain pavers and whilst a perfectly valid test (R11) being the minimum you should look to purchase. The only test recognised by the HSE is the PTV test, for which you should be ensuring that the porcelain pavers are a minimum of 36+ PTV (Wet Shod Foot).

What is PTV?

PTV stands for pendulum test value, which is a measurement of how slippery a surface is – whether it is a floor or a pavement.

  • 0-18 = very low slip-resistance.
  • 18-25 = moderate slip-resistance.
  • 25-36 = good slip-resistance.
  • 36+ = excellent slip-resistance.

PTV Rating is the rating that is recognised by the HSE

What Is R – Rating?

Floor tiles are issued an ‘R’ rating to show their slip resistance. The ‘R’ stands for Ramp Test. The ‘R’ rating has a scale from R9 – R13, with R9 having the least slip resistance. R11 is the minimum you should look for regarding outdoor porcelain paving.

All our external porcelain paving is a minimum of R11 (unless otherwise stated) but more importantly exceeds the minimum value of 36+ PTV meaning you can be assured that you are purchasing high quality European porcelain paving at outstanding value from Premier Porcelain

Take a look at the following porcelain paving ranges, all at outstanding value & with the addition benefit of slip stop technology which means a smoother surface but with outstanding technical properties.

These porcelain pavers just like all of our outdoor porcelain paving range exceed the minimum requirements (set out out under BS:796-2:2002+A1:2013) and achieve a minimum of PTV 46 which means they have outstanding anti slip properties.

We can provide full test certification which is accredited by independent testing laboratories and not only are our pavers slip resistant, they are UV resistant, stain resistant, frost proof and our premium range also includes 20mm paving that’s all the above characteristics but also has an increased breaking strength of around >15k newtons (Making the product suitable for driveways)

Premium Patio & Driveway Paving

No other UK supplier can offer such premium quality & value European porcelain paving and many of our products are exclusive to us which is why Premier Porcelain are the fastest growing supplier of outdoor porcelain paving in the UK right now.

The UK’S No1 Supplier Of Outstanding Value Premium Quality Porcelain Paving

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