Can Porcelain Pavers Be Used For Driveways?

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YES ! Porcelain Paving Can Be Used For Driveways!

20mm Outdoor porcelain tiles from Premier Porcelain can be used for driveways. Our collection of porcelain paving slabs that are suitable for driveways can be found here.

Our portfolio of porcelain paving for driveways has superb technical qualities, including superior breaking strength and load bearing capabilities. They are a technical porcelain of superb quality and also provide a modern and contemporary finish to any outdoor space.

We can provide full technical specifications for our porcelain paving suitable for driveway usage.

Why 20mm Porcelain Tiles From Premier Porcelain Are The Perfect Choice For Your Driveway:

  1. Superb technical properties
  2. High levels of durability
  3. Stain & acid resistant
  4. Frost Proof
  5. Simple to maintain
  6. Fade resistant – our porcelain tiles are not affected by UV light
  7. Rectified which provides a seamless, straight edge
  8. Affordable – not only do we offer superior quality porcelain tiles for your project, we offer outstanding value.
  9. Aesthetics – porcelain tiles are available in countless finishes and styles.
  10. We offer a full technical porcelain 20mm product for driveways.

Take a look at our collection of outdoor porcelain paving slabs suitable for patio & driveway usage here.