Is Winter the Best Time to Renovate Your Garden?

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Thinking about renovating your garden? Whether you’re looking to install a new porcelain patio or switch up the plants and bring some life to your outdoor space in time for summer, it’s important to consider exactly when these renovations should take place. One question that comes up often is whether or not winter is the best time to renovate your garden. On the one hand, your garden will absolutely be ready to enjoy when summer rolls around, but on the other, the cold and wet winters we experience in Britain are extremely off putting when it comes to working outside.

Our team here at Premier Porcelain, have supplied a huge range of high quality tiles to our customers who are looking to change and renovate their gardens. This is why we are confident saying that yes, winter is the best time to renovate your garden! There are a lot of great benefits to taking the time during those colder months to change up your outdoor space and reap the rewards come spring and summer! Want to know more? Keep reading to find out why winter garden renovations are a great choice!

Renovate in Winter & Enjoy In Summer

Usually it’s spring or summer as the weather improves and we enjoy lighter nights that thoughts turn to renovating a garden or installing a new porcelain patio or planting beautiful plants to brighten up that outdoor space. However, garden renovations can be hard work, made even harder by the heat of the summer or the uncertainty of weather conditions in spring, and you risk problems like sunburn or heat exhaustion if you overexert yourself.

This isn’t a problem in winter! You know what to expect of the weather so, while it may be grey and miserable, you know that each day will be consistent. Additionally, you can wrap up in warmer clothes and accessories to combat the cold and wet days, whereas it’s not a great idea to be working in thin, light clothes in the summer as there is more of a chance that exposed skin will be nicked by tools or irritated from plants, dirt, or even insects.

For these reasons, as well as many more, it’s more beneficial to fit your garden renovation into those late autumn and winter months. Here at Premier Porcelain, our team has put our heads together to come up with six great reasons why renovating your outdoor space during the colder time of the year is a very good idea.

Main Benefits Of A Winter Garden Renovation

Giving your garden a new lease on life during winter offers many great benefits that we believe outweigh the miserable conditions you will be tending your garden in. Of course as we move into winter that can bring a few additional challenges with the wetter weather, but most projects can adapt to the ever changing nature of the British weather. Only very severe & prolonged frost, snow or rain may halt any progress.

So, get out your winter coat and wellies, and check out some of our favourite reasons why you should hold off your renovation plans until the nights get darker and the days get colder:

Enjoy Your Garden in Summer

It’s highly unlikely that as we move into winter you will spend significant amounts of time in your garden, so undertaking renovation projects in the cooler months allows you to fully enjoy your renovated space when you will use it most. If you enjoy entertaining during spring and summer, or you simply want a space to lounge and soak up the sun shine, the warmer months should be spent relaxing and enjoying yourself rather than toiling away with a garden renovation project.

Easier Landscaping

It will be easier for your landscaper or contractor to work with a garden or external space if it’s not in full growth. Weeds will be less of an issue and generally there will be less foliage, this will make the project easier for your build team. This means that laying down patio tiles or creating a garden path will be a much simpler process, as well as digging up plants you no longer want and replacing them with something ready to bloom in the spring. There is also less chance of insects getting to your hard work and ruining your new growths before you have the time to enjoy them.

Softer Earth

The ground will be softer as we tend to get more rain in the cooler months and most garden renovations will require some form of digging out, this will make this task much easier in the cooler, wetter months. The only exception to this is when the ground freezes over but if you’re consistently working throughout winter, this is easily avoidable. Additionally, the damp conditions create great conditions for all sorts of plants to thrive, absorbing the nutrients they need from the dirt to grow big and strong when spring arrives.

More Options

As most people do choose to renovate their garden in spring and summer, the demand for contractors, landscapers, and supplies are at their all time high. Access to materials & contractors will be easier in the cooler months, as the traditional peak season ends and demand softens then you are more likely to have less waiting time on materials and contractors ensuring you will be able to finish your garden renovation quickly without skipping out on the quality of hired help.

Cost Effective

Undertaking external projects is more expensive in the spring and summer as demand for contractors and materials increases. You will often find some great deals in the cooler months, meaning the work is done when you are least likely to use your garden and you will be ready to enjoy your new space in spring & summer. Also, many garden supply stores reduce the prices of the tools and equipment you will need to complete your renovation, with these items including gardening gloves, fence paints and stains, and even plants!

Less Disruption

It’s undeniable that winter is the best time of year for getting indoors and warming yourself up after a day out of the house. This means that your neighbours are less likely to be disturbed by landscaping projects that are being undertaken during your renovation. Tasks like laying outdoor ceramic or porcelain tiles can take a while to ensure they are properly lined up and leave your exterior decor looking great, and the last thing you want is to disturb your neighbours with loud sounds or dirt build ups while they’re next door enjoying a summer barbeque.

Start Every Landscaping Project with a Clear Plan!

When heading into a renovation project, it’s important to have a clear image of what you want before you reach out to a local landscaping company. Not only will it allow you to get all of the supplies you will need in good time, such as outdoor tiles that are perfect for a patio space, but you can calculate a reasonable budget and stick to it. 

The costs of supplies, tools, and hired help can quickly add up when you simply wing your renovation. While there may be problems that arise during the renovation process, being prepared with a clearly laid out plan and budget allows you to account for these issues without slowing down the project or taking a hit to your wallet. 

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Still Have Garden Space to Use? Here’s Some Suggestions:

Whether you realise you have more space than originally planned when putting your renovation together during or after the process, don’t worry! Our team at Premier Porcelain have some great ideas for additions you can make to your garden to make the most of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchen

Looking forward to parties and barbeques in your newly renovated garden? Make the most of your newly laid porcelain flooring and create an outdoor kitchen! The price for these can range depending on the size and design you want, but we believe this addition will be a huge hit with both your household and your guests! 

Cosy Area

You can set up a great cosy area in your garden with a few simple supplies. If you have a covered area, throw down some beanbags or comfy seating to relax without being overexposed to the sun’s rays, or purchase a firepit to enjoy warm nights having fun with your friends beside the crackling flames. 

Greenhouse or Vegetable Plot

Have you ever thought about growing your own produce? Greenhouses and vegetable plots are fairly easy to set up and offer a whole new hobby to enjoy by yourself or with your family. An added bonus of this is saving money on the monthly food shop as you will have access to your own fruits and vegetables year round! 

Install a Water Feature

While this is possibly the most expensive option on this list, during your renovation process, you may consider the possibility of installing a water feature in your garden. Not only do they look great but they can be adapted to suit your specific tastes, whether this is traditional, natural, or contemporary. 

Outdoor Games or Activities

With your newly installed garden patio completed, you may be wondering what to do with this new space that is beautifully created with outdoor porcelain tiles. Some suggestions include outdoor games and activities that can be performed on the harder ground, including water games that won’t damage the highly durable porcelain, or artistic activities that are easy to clean away. 

Looking for outdoor tiles for your garden renovation? Contact us today!

If you want to make the most of your renovation project, it’s important to choose the right outdoor tiles to suit your needs. Here at Premier Porcelain, we provide high quality, durable tiles that look stunning in any garden. Not only do our supplies come to us only from trusted manufacturers, but we have been supplying outdoor tiles for many years and are more than happy to help you find the perfect tile for you! 

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today! We’re here to help and only a phone call away so don’t delay! We can’t wait to hear from you. 

Looking for top of the range supplies for your garden renovation? We also provide a huge range of accessories designed to make the process as smooth as possible, including grout, primer and adhesive, and cleaning and maintenance supplies. Or, if you’re looking for tips for using your patio during the colder months, check out our blog for Simple Ideas to Make the Most of your Patio in Winter! Want some expert tips to help make sure you choose the perfect paving option for your patio? Or maybe you’d like to know more about the importance of maintaining porcelain paving? Our blog is jam-packed with top tricks and tips from our team of experts!

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Porcelain Paving has many benefits that suit a winter install such as being frost proof, durable, hardwearing and ant slip making them a perfect material for a winter install and a superb product that is unaffected by anything the British climate can throw at it, making them a popular choice for many of our customers. See our full range or special offers here.

So in summary installing 20mm porcelain paving or creating your new perfect space is actually very beneficial in the winter months, from increased access to materials & cost to minimal disruption when you will most want to use your outdoor space. Winter is an ideal time to create your outdoor space with porcelain paving from Premier Porcelain!