How to Choose the Right Paving for your Patio?

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When it comes to choosing the right paving for your patio, there are many things you need to consider. Here at Premier Porcelain, we have put together this helpful guide to ensure you find the perfect paving option for you! To choose the right paving for your patio, there are three main things you need to think about – design, colour, and paving type. As there are so many different options available on the market, narrowing down your choices can be difficult. 


Our team at Premier Porcelain have been offering premium paving for our customers for many years and we’re here to tell you about the choices you have available. From porcelain paving to internal paving that provides many benefits in the winter, we’re committed to offering advice that can only come from our expertise in supplying beautiful hand-crafted paving options.

Versatile Colour and Design

One of the easiest aspects of deciding on the paving to use for your patio is choosing the colour and design of that paving. Luckily, paving options currently available on the market come in a huge range of colours – which includes neutrals, brights, and darks – and unlimited design potential. 


Do you want natural stone paving without the price tag? Porcelain paving comes in a range of styles, mimicking natural stone, limestone, sandstone, and even featuring many different patterns, guaranteeing that you will find a paving option for your patio that suits your specific aesthetic and looks great year round.

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Paving Materials Available

Choosing the material you want for your patio is perhaps the trickiest choice you will make. There are many different options available that offer different advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to find out all about these options as well as the pros they have to offer.

Natural Stone Paving

Offering stunning patterns and natural colouring, natural stone paving is a popular choice for patios and garden paths. As it is created naturally, no two paving options are the same, with different patterns and markings forming on the slabs. However, it’s important to remember that natural stone can be difficult to maintain and will darken with age. Additionally, as it is a porous material, it’s highly susceptible to moisture and algae which can make it more slippery in winter. 

Hand-Made Paving

As a paving alternative, hand-made paving is made from concrete and designed to hold up to the weather – ideal for the unpredictability of our weather in Great Britain. It is frost resistant, offers natural non-slip properties, and is usually cheaper than natural stone. Well made hand-made paving is nearly indistinguishable from real natural stone and can be used in a variety of areas other than your patio, including internally where it offers great conductivity for underfloor heating. 

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Sandstone Paving

Sandstone is tough, durable, and easier to cut than other paving options on the market such as granite. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes and can be found in larger quantities to ensure your patio is fully paved with matching paving slabs. Some of the colour variations may also include unique blotches and bands in each piece, creating something that is stunning to look at and adds beauty to your patio space.

Limestone Paving

Though there is less colour variation available with limestone – mostly coming in blue-grey, dark grey, pale grey, cream, and tan – it is fine textured and boasts a distinct finish that resembles velvet when it’s cut for paving. It also tends to be more evenly coloured with less patterning, however due to its fine grain, it can be cut into a huge range of different decorative shapes to create a unique paving option for your patio.

Slate Paving

A striking and beautiful material, slate is a great choice for creating a more contemporary looking patio as the colours come in predominantly darker shades, such as black, blue, green, and copper tones. Highly durable and highly resistant to freezing and heat, slate is an excellent choice for a more modern look and for performing well both in the hot summers and wet, cold winters.

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The Benefits of Porcelain Paving

Out of all the paving options available for your patio, we here at Premier Porcelain believe that outdoor porcelain paving is one of the best choices you can make. Porcelain offers many benefits when installed both indoors and outdoors. Some of these benefits include:

Easy to Maintain

Porcelain slabs are naturally non-porous due to the manufacturing process, meaning they will absorb little water while decorating your patio. This prevents moisture from building up and stops the growth of algae and mould, and stops water from freezing inside the slabs to prevent cracking. To keep your porcelain paving looking great year round, simply clean with hot, soapy water and clear any loose dirt and debris.

Highly Durable

As porcelain is created at a high temperature, the process leaves them incredibly strong and more than capable of holding up to heavy foot traffic, making them a great choice for a patio, especially if you enjoy hosting outdoor parties or gatherings. It also means that they are great when it comes to holding up against the ever-changing British weather, which includes high heat during the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter. The high durability also makes porcelain paving a great option for garden paths and driveways, making it highly versatile. 

Extremely Safe

Though porcelain typically has a shiny finish, many people incorrectly assume that the surface would be slippery and difficult to grip. This isn’t the case however, as porcelain has an R rating of R11, meaning that even in cold and wet conditions, you don’t have to worry about slipping or skidding. Porcelain paving isn’t only a great option for patios, but also for surrounding a swimming pool or for areas in the home like the kitchen or bathroom.

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