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With so many paving materials on the market such as porcelain paving, natural stone paving, traditional stone paving and much more, it can be difficult to choose the correct material. Premier Porcelain can help guide you through the options and provide 8 things to consider when creating your external space.

Are You Searching For Ways To Create Luxurious External Spaces?

Choosing the right garden paving ideas can transform a tired looking external space to a perfect outdoor space, entertaining area or even work space. From urban to tranquil settings can help provide the perfect porcelain slab for any outdoor space.

Hints & Tips When Searching For Garden Paving Slab Ideas

Firstly decide on the area you wish to pave, a patio or any other area to be refurbished needs to consider material that is durable, functional, weatherproof and easy to maintain to ensure you make the most of your newly paved area.

Ardesia 900x600 Porcelain Paving Project pack
Slate Rock 900x600 Anthracite Patio Pack Setting

Consider the purpose of your new outdoor space, this is key to ensuring your project fits your needs. Including getting measurements correct, the detail is as important as the paving! So here are some things to consider:

  • What are you hoping to achieve with your new external space?
  • Will the newly paved area be large enough for any patio furniture?
  • Are you looking for a seamless transition from internal to external?
  • Will the new external space be used for vehicles?
  • Who will use this outdoor space?

Use Anti Slip Products

If your patio will be used by children or elderly people you should consider anti slip paving all of our outdoor paving slabs are anti slip. But its important to know what your buying for example your anti slip should be a minimum of R11 but more importantly PTV 36+ here at premier porcelain all of our external paving slabs conform and exceed any minimum standards and all are have a PTV 36+ Anti Slip rating so you can be sure of premium quality & performance with our products.

Belfast Ash Porcelain 1200x300 Porcelain Paving Premier Porcelain Ltd
1200×300 Bosco Ash Pavers
Dolmen Sand 900x600 Porcelain Paving
1200×600 Paving

Consider The Technical Aspects of Your Paving

It may be a little dull to consider this, but its extremely important if you are using the products on a driveway or commercial area. Our premium porcelain ranges offer exceptional technical charecteristics from strength and load bearing to anti slip & durability and we can always provide the full technical details which have been tested in an independent laboratory.

Titan main
Titan Soft
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Technical Paving Slabs

Choose The Correct Size Paving Slabs

Our porcelain paving slabs come in a variety of sizes and options such as smaller formats, 200×200, 300×200, 600×600, 900×600 and King Size Pavers. Choosing smaller slabs can make a outdoor area look larger whilst larger slabs can be more suited to more expanse areas. Also consider multi format slabs or your layout pattern brick bonding slabs can offer a contemporary finish to any space.

Ardesia 900x600 Porcelain Paving Project pack
Garden Paving Slab Ideas - How To Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space 13
Milano Porcelain Setting
Garden Paving Slab Ideas - How To Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space 14
Slate Rock 900x600 Anthracite Patio Pack Setting
Garden Paving Slab Ideas - How To Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space 15

Create Seamless Spaces

Creating – seamless indoor – outdoor spaces has become very fashionable in recent times. by expanding internal areas to functional outdoor areas and therefore expanding the overall functionality of your available space for entertaining or enjoying the warmer months with friends and family take a look at our internal/external ranges such as Milano Modular.

Codicer Manstone 4 G es TOkSlq3oyvwFXdsg
Milano Modular

Visualise Your Project

It can be difficult to visualise your project from a showroom or a website, which is is why we have developed our Tiles View App. In addition to Tiles View we can develop bespoke renders or provide PDF documents for any product. Simply visit our website or download on the App Store to visualise your space.

Tile View How To Use

Tile View From Premier Porcelain

Think About Those Finishing Touches

Now you have selected your perfect paving slabs, and the install is complete its time to get ready for summer and finish your outdoor space with some soft furnishing, patio furniture, and solar lights for those finishing touches. .uk
Summer evening on the patio of beautiful suburban house with lights in the garden garden

Which Is The Best Outdoor Paving Material To Use?

Today the options for external flooring & paving are almost endless. However one material surpasses them all which is porcelain paving slabs. The reason porcelain paving is increasing in popularity is it’s affordable, high def design.

Porcelain Paving can be used in the following areas and has many benefits – Read more here


  • Anti Slip
  • UV Resistant
  • Strong & Durable
  • Stain & Acid Resistant
  • Frost Proof

Usage Areas:

  • Patio
  • Driveway
  • Terraces
  • Garages
  • Commercial Areas
  • Residential Areas
  • Internal & External Floors

Visit or download our app on the App Store to create your perfect space.

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