Cutting & Handling Porcelain Paving

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Handling 20mm Porcelain

Porcelain paving needs to be handled with care. This is a heavy product, each tile can weigh between 16 & 48 kg. The product will generally arrive on pallets and each pallet can weigh up to 1 tonne. Multiple handling will increase the chance of damages, so care and consideration should be taken when handling the paving.

Cutting 20mm Porcelain

Firstly, 20mm porcelain is an extremely hard material fired at 1200 degrees. The quality of both the blade and the porcelain are two major factors when cutting porcelain. Outdoor porcelain tiles are manufactured to withstand heavy loads, provide durability and increase aesthetic appeal for your outdoor space. It is essential you use the correct equipment to cut and fabricate this material. Using the correct equipment will mean you can cut the porcelain paving just as you would natural stone and concrete. Please also ensure you have the correct safety equipment available before you commence any cutting.

For straight simple cuts we advise a Table Saw which is ideal for straight cuts on any project. Alternatively, a petrol driven cut off saw with a water filled dust suppression tank can also be used. We don’t advise angle grinders for large cuts.

Continuous rim diamond cut blade is the only blade that we recommend for cutting porcelain paving. We do not recommend a segmented diamond tip blade for cutting 20mm porcelain.

We recommend that a bench saw with a diamond blade be used to cut 20mm porcelain tiles, for example, the Raimondi ZOE 150 or tools of a similar standard, all of which can be sourced from many tool hire outlets. We do not recommend over reliance on hand tools for cutting 20mm porcelain due to the gyroscopic effect that the spinning blade may cause.

External porcelain paving is a very hard material, the high tensile strength of external porcelain means it is very important that the correct cutter and blade are used to avoid damages to both the tiles and cutting blade. Please remember to sharpen your blade periodically to maintain the neat cuts your equipment should provide.

Incorrect cutting or equipment usage will mean the tiles are damaged or may begin to crack.

Cutting Porcelain Paving Wet Saw