Laying Porcelain Tiles Outside
Porcelain tiles are the perfect material for external use although it is important to ensure the product is anti slip in particular you should ensure they are rated PTV 36+

Porcelain Tiles also have many benefits which are detailed below;


Porcelain is manufactured from refined materials and fired at approx 1200 degrees celcius which results in a a frost proof material with a water absorbtion of less than 0.5%


Porcelain Tiles often come in several finishes for example polished, semi polished, natural & anti slip. It is very important to consider your desired finish in conjunction with the foot traffic of your room or space for example in wet area i.e outside you should only consider tiles that have the appropriate slip resistant finish.

Porcelain tiles are non-porous so require very little maintenance are easy to clean and install they are also stain and acid resistant which means your tiles should last for many many years.

Outside porcelain tiles or porcelain slabs  are available in two thicknesses usually 20mm and 10mm – The only diifernece between them is the thickness therefore the level of quality and materials are exactly the same 10mm tiles can be laid outside but with the following considerations:

10mm tiles should be laid on to a fully cured concrete base.

10mm tiles should not be used with pedestals

20mm tiles can be installed in a variety of methods such as on to sand & cement, pedestals or a concrete base.


Popular porcelain tile sizes are 600×600 1200×600 & 1000×1000 these sizes are available in both 10mm & 20mm thickness view our range here

Inside-Outside Porcelain Tiles

The concept of expansive spaces and tiling from kitchen to patio has become very popular and is another benefit of using porcelain tiles throughout your home. If you are laying the same tile inside and outside you would generally use  a natural finish tile internally and an anti slip finish tile outside.


Porcelain is a very popular flooring material and due to the many benefits it offers such as durability, frost, stain & acid resistance combined with infinite design possibilities make it a very desirable and affordable material to use throughout the home.







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