Benefits Of Porcelain Cladding

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Good quality porcelain wall tiles are not restricted to internal use only. Utilising porcelain wall tiles as external cladding to disguise an unsightly wall or create a bespoke feature space is an excellent alternative to other cladding materials. Porcelain is durable, fireproof, extremely strong, easy to handle, stain resistant and not affected by UV rays. Additionally, it provides superior aesthetics compared to many other materials and there is no need to seal the products as they are frost proof and have 0.5% water absorption.

Of course, the additional benefit of porcelain cladding is that you can use the product across any internal or external space from bathrooms to kitchens to external walls. The main consideration in a domestic installation is to ensure the surface is well prepared and utilise the correct installation materials.

Here at Premier Porcelain we have a broad selection of premium quality porcelain cladding at outstanding prices for internal and external use alongside a growing collection of porcelain wall and floor tiles for use throughout the home.

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